Thoughts are Things

I do not have a people, I have my people. I do not have a country, I have the world. I do not have a past or a future, I have now. I am aware of rules, but I live by none. I dance not to sound, but to my own beat. I do not have a home, I have a heart. I do not live by doctrine, I live by love.  I have no interest in religion, I love God. I reject nothing, I accept everything. I do not own myself, I am myself. I learn from what teaches me, and I teach what’s been taught to me. I embrace life, and life embraces me; I do not possess love, I am love.  dwp

Venus And Mars

As far as I know, both men and women are Earthlings,  literally and figuratively speaking. And this needs to be understood. Men and women naturally have differences. Their psychologies are different, as are their biology, physiology etc., but they are otherwise not so dissimilar that they need to come from contrasting planets. When these kinds of thoughts float around in people’s brains, they unconsciously start believing that such extraordinary  disparities between the two genders actually exist. Men and women have more things in common, than not. But the more energy that is given to the idea that men are so different from women, the more contempt for each other it breeds. Men and women need to focus on each others similarities, they need to discovery their homogeneity in order to live together peacefully. It is of little benefit to believe that you are from a different planet than your beloved, unless your interest is to create animosity. Understanding is the thing that’s key, because then we wake up and realize, and accept each others differences, which is all they are. Women are also different from other women, as are men from other men; are they also from different planets? Differences are not indications of an impossibility to locate another. I can obviously not connect with what I do not know, but this includes everybody and everything, regardless of gender. Yes, how to love what one is foreign to…but what has this to do with gender? The theory that tries to support that men and women are from different planets, presupposes that every homosexual or lesbian relationship would work to perfection since they are from the same planet. Gay people have the identical headaches that straight people have because the problem is not with gender, it’s with empathy and sensitivity. There is no need to visit another planet to connect with your beloved. They are from here just like you are. When two people are willing to get out of themselves enough to learn the other, feel, love, and understand them….then your planets will be exactly the same. And there will be a beautiful celebration…not between two planets, but between two people.  dwp