Without a Parachute

I saw a picture on the internet of a man dropping down from the sky; he had a fantastic smile on his face that illustrated he hadn’t a worry in the world. Flying high, well above some enormously elevated mountains; his arms and legs twisting his body about in every which way, as he immersed himself in the total absolute confidence of his trust, and conviction. The post read: “FAITH! WHEN YOU HAVE IT, YOU DON’T NEED A PARACHUTE.” When you are sincerely full of faith, you don’t require a parachute! What does this mean? What is the purpose of a parachute? A parachute is what you need when your faith isn’t total; when you don’t trust that you will be safe without it. It is clear that the man in the photo was unreservedly convinced that there was no harm facing him…he was in no danger whatsoever, even though he wasn’t wearing a parachute. His faith was so strong, that there was no need for protection. Why do humans need protection? Protection is for those who don’t feel secure, it’s a kind of assurance; because people who do not have certain comforts require reassurances. They need belief systems to give them confidence. But when your faith is total and secure, there is no need. You are insured. There is nothing to fear, or worry about. Whoever your savior is, will catch you. And you will be certain about this. But when this certainty is absent, you need a parachute because the trust in your protector isn’t whole, it is only partial. And this is the problem. Having a savior is beautiful because it feels good; it’s nice to know that somebody has your back, but the point is so that you can trust him to save you. So if you can’t do this, what then is the point? If I jump from an airplane, I want to know that my savior is going to rescue me. And this is the next problem: Figuratively speaking, it is not that a deity will save me, the parachute promises to do this. But the parachute isn’t the savior, it’s the faith in one’s religion. It’s the thing that promises you eternal safety, life, etc. Religions are responsible for marketing this stuff, and if you’re a good follower, you obey it. But if they aren’t able to fulfill the promises for your safety here on Earth, how then shall they keep these promises tomorrow, in the afterlife? Genuine faith doesn’t require religion. I can have faith in God, and love God without going anywhere, or reading anything. Religion is for people who are faking their faith. The reason is because God is everywhere. There is no specific building, no particular book, or doctrine. God, like faith, is able to be wherever you want it. There is no guideline, or manual. All this is nonsense. The only reason why people will not jump from a plane and into the sky is because they do not believe their savior will be there to catch them. Their faith is rooted in fear. And the faith that the religions are selling are not coincidentally fear-based. They are not asking people to trust. They are insisting instead, that the people be filled to capacity with fear. True faith can be trusted; no matter what, no matter where, and no matter how. It is utterly dependable. dwp 2014