Superiority and Privilege

The concept of superiority and privilege is ridiculous and idiotic, and the only thing the discussion succeeds with is creating racism, hatred, and bigotry. Nobody is superior to anybody, unless of course in some ways, they are. For example, Muhammad Ali was a superior athlete and talent. Rumi was a great poet; Socrates was an extraordinary philosopher. Buddha was a great master. If a person is superior, then that is simply what they are, and there is nothing to do about it. Ray Charles was a superior musician. Some people are just better at what they do, and their superiority cannot be removed from them, nor should it be. The concept of superiority does not demand inferiority. It does not mean that just because I am unable to produce a Monet, that I am unable to be an artist. I can be artistic in ways that Monet was unable. We are all unique; we have our own talents and skills. Nobody is superior, and nobody is inferior. Sometimes people have privileges that other people do not have, but this does not make them superior. It means that they have carved out certain benefits for themselves and their lives, that other lives will not have, as a result of not carving those things out. It has nothing to do with race, which is not to say that racism and or discrimination doesn’t exist. It is to say that if you want your life to be qualitatively superior, you have to create that for yourself. The people who come from “privileged” families still have to work to maintain that sense of privilege. And often, privilege can be a great burden. Buddha renounced his entire kingdom and became a beggar because he knew it was not going to contribute to his enlightenment. Privilege cannot be a gift, it has to be earned. That’s why it cannot be taken away. You cannot take Muhammad Ali’s greatness away because it belongs to him, he has earned it. That which has simply been given is not a privilege, it is just something that can be taken. There is no way to have privilege unless it is achieved through great effort. That’s why privilege is a privilege. The reason why it is not for everybody is because everybody is not willing to earn it. This is why when you encounter people who have the idea that they are superior, or privileged…just because they are, you can know with certainty that they have extremely small brains, with very little potential to use them. dwp

Adam’s Enticement

The reason why God made the female anatomy so enticing was to make sure that Adam wouldn’t be able to resist Eve; they were said to be in the Garden of Eden, where there were actually no apples at all, as it says in scripture, but there was a tree of knowledge of good and evil, which warned of the first and most dreadful sin of all, the flesh; which is odd, because the tree of knowledge was there to teach about good and evil through a fruit that was for some reason forbidden. Why would God forbid His beloved children from knowing about good and evil? right and wrong? The Bible says, “No temptation shall overtake you in such a way that is not common to man. God is faithful, and He will not let you be tempted beyond your ability.” This seems confusing. First He makes woman as irresistibly and wonderful as possible, but then men will be cast into eternal hell, and or suffer in this world as a perennial sinner, if they yearn to be close to her flesh. All this as they insist that her temptation will not be troubled beyond a man’s ability; oh really? Beyond what ability? What was Adam supposed to do? It wasn’t he who created sin. Sin wasn’t originated by Adam eating an apple, it was created and is being enforced by man, as a mechanism of control. It is obvious because everything that people love to do, is a sin. That’s how it can be known. Contrary to popular belief, Humankind is not supposed to live in restraint, as though they are in detention. God wants people to be happy; live blissfully, in celebration of their lives, in a way that feels heavenly. No reasonable loving God could ever ask His or Her children to view themselves as sinners, because sin is death. And every piece of evidence points to, and reveals the truth that eating from the tree of knowledge is a good thing; Even in recognition that it contains both good and evil is not a problem, as life itself also contains them. It is for this reason that I am unwilling to accept the concept of sin, because if I did, there would no reason to continue being alive. If God sends a very special loving experience into my life, I must trust that she’s been sent with His blessings, and his consent, for she and I to play with each other. She was sent not to torture or punish me. She comes to love me, and to be loved by me. And I will receive that gesture of love ever so graciously, and joyously. dwp

Getting Trumped

Donald Trump, after eight months of campaigning, finally showed a brief sign of intelligence when he decided that it would not be a good idea to tangle with the Pope, who said he wasn’t a Christian person. Mr. Trump became furious and enraged, until the soft spoken Pontiff reminded the people that a Christian is not a brand, but a behavior; and that as long as Donald insisted on being abusive, unkind, and brutish; he could not be viewed as a Christian because his deeds weren’t any that Jesus ever exhibited. It was not an attack by the Pope, it was simply an observation by him. If a person would like to be viewed as a Christian, they have a responsibility to behave like one, and that was the Pope’s intent. It was interesting though, because Trump is so used to feeling attacked, and fighting back, that he didn’t even realize; He didn’t realize until the Pope pointed it out that he actually isn’t a Christian, he is a person who calls himself a Christian. Thats why the “feud” between them ended so quickly. Donald Trump isn’t even good at faking Christianity, and so they decided that this dispute was not a good one to have, as the terrified Evangelicals still need to believe that Trump is one of them. The Pope said it as beautifully as I’ve ever heard it said: Christianity is a walk with Jesus. And it is only those who truly desire to walk in the shoes of Jesus that should grant themselves the privilege to be referred to as a Cristian. I think this was an awfully significant interaction between two different men of two very different ideologies. dwp

The Language of Love

She asked “Doug, as a world traveler, what languages have you learned to speak?” I said, I speak LOVE, the best and most effective language in the world. I went on to explain to her that I have met people…men and women alike, who didn’t speak a single word of English, nor did I their language, but because it was the will of our hearts, we connected and became great friends, or beautiful lovers. People just don’t realize; speaking other people’s language isn’t nearly as important as most people think, what’s important is that their hearts are in the right place, that they have the inclination and will to feel one another. So she asked, but in the hierarchy of human needs, love doesn’t pay the rent, big guy…so what about that? I said: there’s nothing that’s worth more than love, so who cares about bills? People spend their whole life paying bills and never, not even for one single day, experience love. Where I come from, that’s the definition of insanity. As important as it is to pay bills, it cannot be more important than love, because love is our life source. It is the innate force that makes people feel like being alive. Paying bills doesn’t do this. The point is that when love is in place, no other language in necessary; when people are communing with each other, there is no higher grandeur. God is Love. dwp