Not of God

I have a long time friend who calls himself a man of God, who practices the teachings of Jesus, and therefore views himself as a real Christian. But he hates liberals, their politics, gays, lesbians and same sex marriage. This guy hates, and negates every religion except his own. He hates progressiveness, and regards social evolution as nonsense. He demonizes any literature that isn’t Biblical, insisting that if something isn’t scripture, it isn’t true. But what this friend of mine never stops to realize is that Jesus was a lover. His whole life was about love. He preached it, and lived it. He loved unconditionally. He was broadminded. Jesus taught us that love is the way, and that we cannot survive without it. That was his message. Hatred, bigotry, and misogyny are wicked and evil. So you must either be kind, thoughtful and loving, or not. You cannot be both. No person can be so full of hate, and also of God. dwp

Can’t Touch This

I was just thinking about something: Trump doesn’t only have to beat Hillary, he has to be victorious over President Obama, and Michelle, and Joe, and Bill, Tim Kaine and Michael Bloomberg, and Leon Panetta, the military, Hollywood, African Americans, and educated Caucasians, and women, Latinos, and Asians, Muslims, the media, and Jews, and the LGBT community, students, and senior citizens, musicians, the handicapped, Bernie’s movement, Black Lives Matter, mothers, the mindful, and the disadvantaged, youth, the truth, history, and especially diversity…I could be wrong, but I just don’t think he can do it. dwp



Being the master of your own ship does not mean you are controlling life; the mastery of life means that you are living it, and living does not mean breathing. Living means that you are accepting of life’s totality; everything and everybody. If I am not total, if I am unable to accept what is true or false, then I cannot be the master of my ship, nor the way in which it sails. dwp

Life’s Best

When we bring to life the very best of ourselves, life brings to us the very best of itself, no matter what that includes or excludes; it is the best. The “best” however, does not mean what one wants…a lot of folks are confused about this. The best means we must trust life, understanding that if things could be different, they would be. And that as soon as things are able to be different, they will be. In other words, fighting with life is futile, and it is not the enlightened way. The right approach is to allow life to flow in as natural a manner as humanly possible. Then the best of you and the best of life merges, and the outcome is beautiful, because the best always is. dwp

Sunset of Love

Love is to a beloved, what a sunset is to the sky; the immersion of oneness. The gesture of individuals acting in deep communion and appreciation, is to behold and value, the beauty of freedom extraordinaire; two birds chirping happily in the wind, dancing in pure delight, carefree, lovely…flying together separately, soaring magically through light, a world unknown to those not in flight. dwp

Trash Media

While mass media reports, as they do, repeatedly and persistently, on the seemingly daily acts of terror that incubate around the world, they succeed in little more than escalating more fear, and terror. Not only is the media providing what used to be considered fifteen minutes of fame, these days they are making people famous. And so what they are doing in effect, for purely sensational purposes, is using their means of propaganda to sell the idea, and fear, of terrorism. In the most horrifying and gruesome way, they report and portray the deaths and torment of untold numbers of people on a regular basis, almost as if on a schedule, they feed people their systematic dose of fear. An act of terror happens someplace in the world, and some number of people are killed, which is awful, but then the media takes over, and continues to kill any potential for some inkling of inner peace by scaring people half to death; this is done to a population of hundreds of millions, by weighing so heavily on their freedom, and by creating a vision of the world of such enormous gloom. This is journalism. And it is reported over and over again, the same images continuously, on every television channel and radio station on the planet. It is on the front pages of every single newspaper, not because there isn’t any other news, but because the fear mongers and terror gluttons are gobbling it up. So how surprising is it really, that these incidents keep recurring? No matter how hideous or dreadful the event, the public cannot stop itself from being glued to each and every ghastly detail. Surely there must be something wrong with this picture. But it is not the media alone. They are feeding an urge in people, an unconscious urge to mourn and feel great sorrow. What is to be said about a world that is so attracted to atrocity? Terrorism is not interesting. It is not something to feed on. It will not contribute to your happiness. And the gluttony of it certainly will not help. Gluttony is a sin. There is no way to ingest such a constant influx of catastrophic events, and remain healthy. And the more attention these catastrophes get, the more they will continue to happen, because many people are presently feeling very unattended to. Each and every incident is attracting more and more lunacy, of which the media is the advertisement. They are not discouraging these awful acts, rather they are the trigger for them. They do this by giving them so much energy. The media stimulates and inspires terrorist behavior. And the public falls for it like a ton of bricks. I am not suggesting in any way that news-worthy acts should not be reported, what I am suggesting however, is that hateful news should not be stuffed down peoples throats as though they were impotent little goats. dwp


In an emotional tearful communication, the sister of one of the murdered officers in Dallas said during an interview: “things like this shouldn’t happen to people like us” which made tears well up in my eyes too, but then it made me curious…I wonder who she thinks these things should happen to? dwp

Systematic Racism

I will have confidence in police officers when they demonstrate confidence in me. I will praise and honor police officers when I see evidence that they honor their authority; not some of them, but all of them. I am not impressed by some. I am not impressed by a society of men where some people want to lynch me, and some who don’t. The reason why America is not great is because it is built not only on the backs of slaves, but on the mentality of slave owners. And this is the problem today. How should I be seen for who I am in a country that has never in its entire history been blind to race? Oh yes, they will allow you to be here, and slave for them, but you will have to fight like hell to have what they do. And this precedent has been set not by friends, but by foes; understand that. No, I cannot and will not accept a social or political regime that is systemically racist, and sexist. No, I cannot be blind about America, that while she praises herself to the hilt, is inferior in many ways, to many other countries. She is inferior because she is blind, and unable to accept, or discuss, who she really is: an obvious inclusion and infusion of gross inequality; such that no matter how much the people want equal rights and justice, and protest for it, this is not the American way. She is built on inequality. That’s what “Let’s make America great again” means. They would rather things go back to the days when everything was under their control. I do not believe that America’s problems are as rooted in her people as they are in her system. But the fact is that America is inherently racist. She always has been. And nothing is going to change in this country until people come to terms with this self-evident, unsettling torment. dwp

Questioning Authority

There is a certain population of White police officers in America that seem to be hunting down and assassinating Black males, but what they do not seem to realize is that there is a much larger population of Black males who are armed just like they are, and are as such just as able to hunt them down. So for those of you who favor the 2nd Amendment, welcome home folks. America has roughly 320 million people that owns 300 million weapons. And in this climate of fear and gross injustice, people are tired. And why wouldn’t they be? How many Black people do these murderous police think they can shoot down and kill before people set out to retaliate? If they are going to kill Black people just for being Black, then Black people are going to kill them, just for being Police officers. This is what is meant in the book of Exodus in the Bible where it says “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” Those who take lives, will have their lives taken. What is sad about this situation is that the one million or so police officers in the USA, are now going to feel like they have targets on their heads, and they should. When Issac Newton said that: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” this is what he meant. Or if you prefer, “The chickens coming home to roost.” In any event, two beautiful young Black men were deliberately shot dead like they were animals in two different states in the last 24 hours; one of them in front of his 4 year old daughter and fiancé, and as a result, in response to this action, twelve White police officers were hunted down and shot last night by snipers, five of whom have died.

So my thinking is that while everybody is crying & praying for these officers, they better start doing the same for the two brothers who had their lives viciously and mercilessly taken from them, and their families. This is not a one way street. It is just as brave and courageous being a Black male in present day American society as it is to be a cop, and people better wake up and realize this. I have sympathy for all lives that have to end in horror, fear, and senselessness; but none that are any more valuable than any other. dwp

Cookie Gutter

Cinderella’s Eyes

The love that is known to the general population is styled after a fairytale; a very beautiful fairytale mind you, but still a tale. The Brothers Grimm retold Cinderella in 1812, so the whole world could take note of the wildly dreamy, yet profoundly unrealistic fairytale that still to this day captivates the whims of little girls, or grown women, of their prince coming to save them from the dark drudgery of life’s heartaches. Men wrote this book. But men have yet to figure out how to save their women. What astounds me though, is how this innocent little story remains being seen and learned, but not dissected. Why, in this era of women’s emancipation, does this tale continue to hold her prisoner to the idea that this fantasy is supposed to be true? And now its significance is so  unconscious that her male counterpart has become a casualty of the same nonsense. Fairytales are useful in the same way that art or music is: they give people a glimpse into a reality of something that is possible, not into something that is real…only something that can possibly become real. What the creators of Cinderella never tell you is what the dream relationship that you are tripping over, entails. Because then it won’t be dreamy. Effort is never dreamy. The idea is for you to sit around as though you were a bump on a log, and dream on; to wait, to yearn, crave, and chase that oh so tasty tale that’s dripping from your lips, that you want so bad, as you waste your life in pursuit of something that is so unlikely to ever grace your table. The truth of love is its possibility, and probability. But the odds of it taking you to great heights become considerably less if you are seeing it through Cinderella’s eyes. dwp