Ocean of Love

While the term “in love” generally refers to a relationship you are in with somebody else, it shouldn’t; it should rather designate a place where you are. If I am able to be in love with anybody, I must be ready to be in love with everybody. If you are in love, and your life is fragrant, and you are soaring like an eagle, and you feel ecstatic…the relationship is with yourself. You are discovering. You are beautiful. You are learning about who you are; not the other, but yourself. Because this is the journey that is necessary in order to love somebody else. I cannot love you if I do not know who is loving you. It is through establishing my own self worth that I am able to understand, and love your worth. I must first learn about love before I can extend it to others. They want people to believe, as many do, that love grows on trees; that you can just pick it, like a fruit; that it is simply there for the taking, and all you have to do is find it. “Being in love” literally means you are in love; like in a swimming pool. You are engulfed in a spirit of love. And it is this spirit that determines how you will relate to the world around you. In other words, it is the love in you that meets with the love in others. The Romeo and Juliet concept is that love is created by two people, but this is a farce. Love is not something that people create together, it is an appreciation of one another. The harmony or chemistry is not in between two selves, it is in each self. That’s what the misconception is, people keep looking for love where it isn’t. If you look into your heart for love and it isn’t there, can you borrow it from your friend’s heart? It may be possible to experience their love, or maybe you can learn from it, but you cannot have it. If you want it, you must originate your own way. I know this doesn’t sound traditionally romantic, but it actually is because there is no romance more exciting than your own. You know why? Because a romance cannot be exciting if you aren’t home. It is via that very intimate walk we are taking with ourselves that energizes the relationships we have with others; it is the door that introduces you to your beloved. But when it does, if it isn’t open, or if you aren’t open, then you will not be able to swim together. The swimming pool is there, but you cannot enter because the door is closed. So you see, the problem is not love. Love is waiting for you. But you must open the door so the rejoicing can begin; you must believe in the celebration. As soon as the celebration begins, the celebrated will be delivered. And you will swim like never before. Life will flow through you so magically that you will finally know; you will know that love is your very bone and marrow, and always has been. it is your intrinsic nature. Love is housed in both the fragility and strength of your being, balanced more beautifully than the scent of every flower; timeless and exquisite. dwp

The Truth About Honesty

Honesty is an expression that a person wants you to believes is the truth, which doesn’t mean that it’s honest, or true. If I said “I like living by the sea because of it’s tranquility” this is an expression that’s based on preference, my own experience. It is just the way I feel. it is not factual. And there is no way for me to know how anybody else would feel about it. Honesty is not a fact, it is just a communication. It can be something that feels close to your heart, or an experience that speaks to you. Honesty can be very arousing, because it has a way of tickling people in many different ways, that mostly depends on what a person is willing to hear. If a person has spiritual needs, then they will listen to spiritual honesty. If a person has relationship needs, then they will listen to love honesty. And if a person is filled with anger or bitterness, then they will cater to that honesty. But do not make the mistake of thinking that honesty means factual. A person’s honesty can be factual, but facts actually have very little to do with feelings. Facts have to do with knowledge and mechanics, which is why people who are attracted to facts always have very mechanical brains. Feelings are emotive and much like honesty, they are only true to the degree that they feel real. If a person is sincere about honestly loving you today, it does not guarantee that he or she will honestly love you tomorrow. Feelings can change, they can start to feel unreal, or unsatisfactory, at which time the “honesty” of the experience changes. Honesty is dependent on where a person is at any given time, which is why it isn’t as deceptive as some people think. If your feelings can change, your honesty can change. Honesty is not something that is set in stone, it is like a river or a tree…it moves, it feels. If you are happy now, then your honesty will be happy now. But if you become sad, then your honesty will also be sad. A person’s honesty is an extension of their own reality. dwp

The Highroad

They say it is best to take the highroad, or to choose your battles with care. And some say that it is not wise to “cut off your nose to spite your face” which means that you shouldn’t engage in any act that will ultimately hurt you more than it will hurt anyone else. This makes great logic mathematically, but it is not always so easy to implement, because people can be extremely narrow-minded, or insensitive, or just filled with self-serving anger, or bitterness. I refuse to accept that the world is cold and cruel, but this is not to say that I don’t realize that these experiences exist. It is to acknowledge how truly wonderful and special it feels to rise above them. As Michelle Obama says: “We don’t do the gutter”. There are times in life when we just have to lift ourselves to higher places, even when the people we love can’t, or won’t. The quality of a person’s life is determined by how one lives. In other words, one’s character is not decided by the battles that are won, but by the amount of battles he or she is able to resist.  Any fool can fight, be mean, or ugly. There is no difficulty with exercising this kind of behavior. But it takes a pretty extraordinary person to stand down for the sake of calm, quiet, and peace. dwp

Conscientious Lie

It is said that it’s not good to lie cheat steal, be an adulterer, or a murderer, but how to be such a good person in a world that is so rotten from its core? The world is absolutely unconscionable; it rewards war, conflict, ugliness and ignorance, while it punishes integrity, honesty, and intelligence. The world teaches us that love is good, but how to attain this goodness if the world itself is so full of hatred? If the world isn’t one of conscience, how are the people to have a conscience? The religions, and their clergy pressure their congregations to be fine, first- rate people, when they themselves aren’t examples of this. And politicians do the same. Parents are also guilty of this. They want their kids to be great and wonderful, and beautiful, and talented, and successful, etc. but it is rare for a parent to show a child what those things look like. If a child is exposed to distasteful things, can he or she be expected to be kind and considerate? The world is not benevolent, it is rather something that is experienced as an uphill battle, and one that most people are fighting with. They have to fight because only fighters survive. That too, is something that almost everybody is taught. You must fight for what you want, even if it means you will have to lie cheat or steal to get it. It’s okay, you’ll still be rewarded. But there is little reward for being honorable, for being honest, or having integrity. No, to have a conscience in such an unconscionable world is certainly the harder way to go, it is the path less traveled, and the one of the warrior. To be a warrior of such character requires great courage, and is not something that happens often. But when it does, when you see it exhibited, if you see it in your child, or in somebody you love dearly, encourage & nurture it. Do not condemn them. Listen to them carefully. And treat them as the treasure they are because these people are the real saviors. They’re here to show the rest of us how to reach a much higher awareness. dwp


Getting It Right

The problem with not getting things right is that they won’t stop bothering you until you do get them right. When a person gets a flat tire, they usually fix it immediately because they know the car won’t work until they do. But if their health is bad, their happiness, or their job, or a relationship they’re in, the tendency is to think they can wait; maybe it will change, or get better all by itself. But it doesn’t work this way. The truth is that the only path to resolving problems is to take the time, and necessary effort to figure them out. dwp