Conscientious Lie

It is said that it’s not good to lie cheat steal, be an adulterer, or a murderer, but how to be such a good person in a world that is so rotten from its core? The world is absolutely unconscionable; it rewards war, conflict, ugliness and ignorance, while it punishes integrity, honesty, and intelligence. The world teaches us that love is good, but how to attain this goodness if the world itself is so full of hatred? If the world isn’t one of conscience, how are the people to have a conscience? The religions, and their clergy pressure their congregations to be fine, first- rate people, when they themselves aren’t examples of this. And politicians do the same. Parents are also guilty of this. They want their kids to be great and wonderful, and beautiful, and talented, and successful, etc. but it is rare for a parent to show a child what those things look like. If a child is exposed to distasteful things, can he or she be expected to be kind and considerate? The world is not benevolent, it is rather something that is experienced as an uphill battle, and one that most people are fighting with. They have to fight because only fighters survive. That too, is something that almost everybody is taught. You must fight for what you want, even if it means you will have to lie cheat or steal to get it. It’s okay, you’ll still be rewarded. But there is little reward for being honorable, for being honest, or having integrity. No, to have a conscience in such an unconscionable world is certainly the harder way to go, it is the path less traveled, and the one of the warrior. To be a warrior of such character requires great courage, and is not something that happens often. But when it does, when you see it exhibited, if you see it in your child, or in somebody you love dearly, encourage & nurture it. Do not condemn them. Listen to them carefully. And treat them as the treasure they are because these people are the real saviors. They’re here to show the rest of us how to reach a much higher awareness. dwp


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