Curtains of 2016

Everybody seems to be making a big to do about all the celebrities that have died in 2016, as though their lives should determine whether a year is good or not… which is strange to me because the majority of people who are dying each and every year are non-celebrities; Yes that’s right, all 55 million of them. But they somehow don’t seem to matter as much. While I admit that I’ll miss Prince’s music and energy a lot…I know that death is certain, and that it cannot be avoided; not by celebrities nor anybody else, but if I were going to try to say something of merit, I wouldn’t give much attention to death because it’s essentially the end or absence of something qualitative, it doesn’t even have a real value. The meaning of life is to live fully, so there is no point in mourning when life is over and done. When a life is lived to its fullest potential, there should be great jubilation. But if it isn’t,  it is senseless to cry and carry on. And there is no distinction that needs to be made for celebrities because being a celebrity doesn’t matter. What’s important is whether you have lived your life in a loving way that was true to who you are. Because then your exit will be as beautiful & momentous as your entrance; remembered and commemorated as your very special way of life; a work of art that only you could have created. dwp