Floods of Love

 Isn’t it interesting that it takes something like a natural disaster for people to suddenly become blind to race, religion, sexual origin, and nationality. It saddens me greatly to view the tragedy still going on in Texas, but it’s also beautiful in a way to see all the different people in unity, as just Americans. Nobody is concerned with anybody’s political affiliation, they are in prayer. Nobody is talking or thinking about who’s marrying who, who’s having sex with who, or who’s serving in our military. The only thing that people are concerned with is survival. In the midst of great pain and misfortune due to catastrophic disasters, we all find a way to step up, and become equalized. We are able to become neighbors when all our borders disappear. I just think it’s so sad that this is what it takes for people to realize that we aren’t divided at all, that we’re all just one people who are fighting the same fight, struggling with the same struggles; trying to stay happy healthy and in the spirit of love, in this wonder-filled ever-changing world, together. dwp

2 thoughts on “Floods of Love

  1. Robert D.Schenck

    I’m praying that the insight that we’re all human persists going forward forever after the disaster is behind us.

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