For love of Country, and Not

John McCain said “I fell in love with my country when I was a prisoner in someone else’s.” And I think that’s sweet, even though my experience was a little different. Things didn’t happen that way for me. When I left my country, I fell out of love, most notably when I realized two things: 1) That it wasn’t my country, and 2) That it didn’t love me.

But I do respect those who have served this country patriotically, and I just think it is the epitome of pettiness for the White House flag to be flying at full mass today. Every other flag in Washington is at half mass this week in honor of John McCain. It is just beyond my comprehension how infantile and pathetic this so-called president is. That’s why it is not curious why he is not invited to Sen. McCain’s funeral. Steve Schmidt said: “trump doesn’t even qualify to speak John McCain’s name” and I totally agree with him. dwp

John McCain

In 2008 when Sen. John McCain was running for president, he was at a small rally where a woman took the microphone and called then Sen. Obama, his opponent, an Arab and a bad man. John McCain quickly took the mic from her, defending Barack Obama as an honorable American and a decent man. I always liked John McCain, and respected his profound service to America, but when he did that, I realized the integrity of that man’s heart. John McCain probably made what will prove to be his last decision today, But I wanted to thank him before he leaves. It’s so rare to see politicians of his stature these days. You see, it is not what a person’s political affiliation is, it is how honorable they are at it. John McCain lived his entire life honorably, in the service of his country, and humankind. And for that, I send this message of gratitude and appreciation to him. dwp

Counting Your Conscience

They tell you that it is not good to lie cheat steal, be a murderer, or an adulterer…but how to be such a good person in a world that is so rotten? The world is becoming unconscionable; it rewards war, conflict, ugliness & ignorance, while it punishes integrity, honesty, and intelligence. The world teaches us to be good, to love, but how is one to be so righteous when the world is so wrong? If the world isn’t one of conscience, how are the people to have a conscience? The religions don’t have a conscience, the politicians have even less, and even parents are guilty of unconscionable behavior with their kids, often unknowingly. They want their kids to be great, wonderful students, beautiful, talented, and of course successful, but it is rare for a parent to demonstrate for a child what these things look like. If a child is exposed to distastefulness, they will naturally become distasteful. It’s obvious. The world is not kind, or benevolent. It is rather becoming something that is experienced as an uphill battle, a headache, something that people are fighting with. They have an idea that fighters survive, which is another lie that almost everybody is taught. You must fight for what you want out of life, even if it means you will have to lie cheat or steal to get it. They’ll tell you that it’ll be okay, you will still be rewarded. But I am saying to you that there is no reward for not being honorable, for being dishonest, and for having no integrity. There can be no reward for such things, only illusion.

To have a conscience in such an unconscionable world is certainly the harder way to go because it is the path much less traveled. You will not meet many of your friends there, as it is the road for warriors only. And to be a warrior of such character requires great courage. It is not something that happens often. But when it does, when you see it exhibited; if you see it in your child, or in somebody you love dearly, encourage and nurture it. Do not condemn it. Treat that person as the treasure he or she is, because they are the true saviors. They are here to show us the way to a higher, much more evolved awareness. dwp