A Valentine is whatever brings you the greatest happiness in this life. Since the beginning of time the teachers have been saying that a Valentine must be a person simply because the only love that they are aware of is the one that is romantic. Love is actually a relationship with joy. It is a passionate kind of peace and warmth that resides within you, that makes you happy, that makes you want to sing and dance. Love can of course include the hand of your beloved, the touch that is closest to your heart, but do not think that it is needed. Love does not require another person. It does not require a pet, or for that matter, family. It only requires you. It is a very old misunderstanding that love needs somebody else in order to happen, or be real. The truth is that love is your song. It is of course tremendously beautiful to celebrate such an experience with a person you’re deeply in love with, but it is not necessary. You must first become love before you can be in love. dwp