I had a conversation with a very dear friend yesterday that reminds me of something that I’d like to share with you today. This post is about happiness: I had thought for many years that happiness was something that was transferable, a thing that you could transfer to others. But I have since discovered that this is not true. It is possible to experience happiness, and have good times with it, but one person cannot borrow another persons happiness. If you have taken a journey that has led you to be happy, then it will only be good for you. Nobody else will be able to use it. If they want to be happy also, then they will have to travel a journey of their own that will take them there. You cannot loan your happiness to those you love, be them family, friends, or even beloveds. They can experience happiness in you, and enjoy it, but they cannot have it because happiness is an extremely personal thing. It can be very arduous to learn, and discover. That’s why one person’s journey is only be good for that person. It can be useful as a guide, to point others in the right direction, but it cannot be duplicated because a journey must be individual. But happiness is always a very beautiful thing to witness, in anybody, because it can inspire others to take the journey, to discover self love and self appreciation in themselves, as well as mutual respect for others, which are such special additions to a person, that serve us all in such meaningful ways! Wishing you all a beautiful Sunday! dwp