Mind or No Mind

I have heard that people actually think that they are able to control their minds, never realizing that it is the mind that makes them think this way. The mind is not anybody’s friend. This is the first thing to be understood. The reason why most people are in a mess is because of their mind. The mind is chaos. Mind means chaos. So if you live in your mind, and are identified with what your mind is telling you, then chances are that you are being controlled by your mind. And chances are also very good that such a person is also very sick, because that’s what mind does…it creates sickness. It promises safety and organization, but it never delivers. It can’t deliver because the very purpose of mind is disarray and disorganization; to throw you off, turn you off, keep you off, confuse you, disorient you, and disturb you. Then it’s work is done. Then it can leave you, because then there is no more you. Only your mind is there. And that’s what we are seeing everywhere today. We do not see people who feel unique to us anymore, who are individualistic. Because in order to be an individual you must be in division. That’s what individual means, it means that you are divided from your mind, you are separate, like a bird in flight; You are alone. That’s why it is such an arduous thing to do. It takes great bravery and courage to leave the mind behind. So no, nobody controls the mind. It doesn’t work that way. At best, you can leave it to itself, and simply be at peace. Or you can do what the masters do, which is to meditate, which interestingly means: absence of mind. dwp