Reciprocal Radiance

Today my wife and I took a drive to New Hope, Pa. where I used to live, to have lunch and hang out for a little while. When we arrived, there was no place at all to park, so I drove to a place where I could pay. As I drove in, I waved to a car that was on its way out, to stop. A very pleasant looking woman opened her window. I smiled at her and said “excuse me dear, can you tell me how it works here to park?” She smiled so beautifully and said, I just got married yesterday, so I have this pass that will allow you to park here all day long without any payment! They leaned over, blew me a kiss, and handed me the piece of paper! I believe the woman sitting next to her was her lovely new bride; they looked so so ecstatic, which to me was a beautiful thing. Because I love to see people celebrating their happiness!!

I turned to my wife and said, you see? that’s what I mean. Because it was just a week or so ago that I was inspired to write another book about something I’m feeling very strongly about these days, which is that: We are the world that we create. No matter what it is that happens in your world, you are pretty much the only one who can make it true or false, that will either give it energy, or kill it. You are the one who decides what your power is going to do. You are the one who makes yourself happy, or unhappy. Nobody else can be blamed, because what happens to you mostly has to do with you. Thats why if you don’t like how something is playing out in your life, then all you have to do is change it. Nothing in life is written in stone, unless you decide that is. Our belief systems either make us, or break us. But it is once again we, and only we, who determine how something is going to unfold. I don’t believe that anything is a coincidence.

The reason why I feel so strongly is because these kinds of things are happening to me all the time & quite effortlessly I might add, and I do not think they are accidental. I think behavior is karmic. In other words, if you bring goodness, happiness and love to life situations, then those things will likely be reciprocated. I mean, why wouldn’t they? If your heart is happy and joyous, and smiling, then people will naturally pick up that special thing that’s going on in you, and they will want to smile & be a part of that happiness with you. It makes sense, because feeling good is contagious. And most people like it. Of course there are some people who think it’s a very scary & frightening task. That’s why I’m going to start writing my next book ASAP. And I am so excited to share the many worldly adventures that I have had the privilege to learn and experience; the extraordinary beauty of karmic appeal, and reciprocal radiance. If you trust it, you will discover something truly special about yourself that you never knew before! dwp

Blackface Place

I totally understand Justin Trudeau, because it is beautiful being Black…but he doesn’t know it. How could he? So he did 2nd best, he painted it on. But I do not think he necessarily has to be a racist. Maybe he just felt deprived. The greatest idiot in the world still knows that being Black, Brown, Yellow, Native, Latino, or Asian, isn’t a costume. They are races of people. But the PM of Canada thinks it is ok to dress up like them and make jokes about who they are. But I’m not convinced yet that he’s a racist. On the contrary I think he wishes he was Black. Because not only is the whole spectrum of Black skin very beautiful, the whole Black experience is very exciting and special! It is full, never a boring minute. A lot of people find “colorful” energy extremely attractive, and understandably why. People of color are interesting. Their history is fond, and mostly honorable, so I do not find it hard to understand why these meatheads are coloring their faces Black; they clearly yearn to be Black. Even if it’s an unconscious yearning. I would only dress up as a woman if I secretly desired to be one. And that’s what I think Blackface is about by everybody who partakes in it. When they apologize for it after getting caught, they are not referring to being in Blackface, they are really apologizing for secretly yearning to be Black, but they cannot say that. Nobody can say it. Because it is not socially acceptable to want to be something other than what you are, least of all being Black, but the sad truth is that wanting to be something else is more common than money. Most people are unhappy with who they are, for one reason or another. And the most dissatisfied of them, demonstrate their gross unhappiness by disgracefully hiding their faces behind black paint, with a stupid smile. What an embarrassment they are. All I can say is that I not only love my face, I love my skin, and who I am. I would never, in jest, for fun, or for any other reason, would I ever hide myself behind paint…because then I wouldn’t be true. And that’s how I feel about this. Justin Trudeau, who I used to like, even with his apology, he has now exposed a very dark side of himself today. And it is not that he secretly desires to be what he isn’t, the problem is that he is apparently not comfortable being who he is. dwp

You Can’t Please Everybody

There is a saying “You can’t please everybody.” But to me, the accent is wrong. It is not about pleasing everybody, it’s about being true to who you are. If you are a good honest person, if your heart is in the right place, then chances are people will like you. There should not be too much concern about it because people generally like those who are likable. The people who should be concerned are those who have to make an effort to please others, those who are not likable, whose hearts are not in the right place…so they have that concern, and they should have it too. They have to hide who they are. They have to be somebody that they aren’t. They cannot be themselves because they fear they will not be accepted. But the people who are playing this hide and seek game with themselves and others are truly flirting with great danger. You may or may not like who a person is, but it is extremely unwise to not know who somebody is. I refuse to concern myself about whether I am liked. My concern is to be true to myself, and honest with those I love. And just let the cards fall where they must. I don’t care if you approve of me. I don’t even expect anybody to. If somebody does then it is good. If not, it is also good. There is nothing worse than being deceptive because you are not being true; not to the other, but to yourself! Deception breaks hearts, it destroys families & marriages & all kinds of relationships. But nobody can accuse you of doing them wrong if you have always showed them who you are. The idea is to be true. People can like you, or not like you. There is nothing that can be done about it because you are who you are, howsoever that is. Be true not to being false, but to who you so beautifully are. dwp 9/19/19