Good morning friends, and Happy Tuesday! 💜

The problem with people is that they don’t realize how free love is. All you need to have is a heart. Nothing else is required. But nobody believes this, so they run round and around, making their muscles bigger and stronger, buying more and more of this and that; makeup and clothes, cars, hair, nails, gettin’ their sexy on, gettin ready for the saloons. Do you see? There’s no end. If you don’t see or feel love’s essence and presence right there inside you, then there isn’t any point. Because there’s no substitute. You cannot wear a beautiful dress or come out bra-less, and think that it will do the trick. Distractions are as old as time, and they also only work on fools. And I know because I have watched them work my entire life. I agree that they are tempting; and that’s the allure. That’s what they’re supposed to do. But if, when you look closely, you will realize the truth, and that truth will either set you free, or place you in hell. Because a love relationship that isn’t loving, is hell. That’s why to me, it is better to not settle for what seems to be something. Look for what IS good, not for what appears to be good!!! dwp

No Competition

You know…I really like animals. I have a pet myself, and she’s a member of our family. And I do have a lot of compassion for those who are less fortunate. But those commercials that prey on people’s guilt really annoy me. I mean, because as they beg for a commitment of $19 dollars a month to feed these animals, I can’t stop thinking about all the people I have seen in my life who are starving. I’m not saying that one objective should be higher than the other, but in my opinion human existence should take precedence, because if we cannot and do not live, they cannot and will not live. So we must be taken care of first. We must first solve our own homeless problem. It is backward and insane to seek homes for dogs when there are men and women sleeping outside on the pavement, eating from public garbage. It has nothing to do with how anybody feels about pets, or their love for them. It is not a competition. We must be concerned about the well being of the human species, for each other. We must see that while it is fun to play with animals, it is a profound betrayal of our brothers and sisters if we turn our backs on them to do so; We must be mindful of priorities.

I totally understand rescuing pets, but what about being there for people, to assist in their pain and suffering? dwp

PS: I was just remembering something that the late great comedian Richard Pryor once said during the 1970’s about a campaign they were having to adopt Vietnamese children he said “I mean, I don’t have anything at all against the Vietnamese but goddamn, we have ten million niggas out here that need to be adopted!” That was his unique brand of brilliance, but I see it exactly the same way with respect to pets. We must learn how to take care of human beings first. dwp

Peace and Mind

Peace and Mind

The reason why being peaceful feels distant is because of its association with the mind. Peace is for the taking, but it cannot be enjoyed as long as the mind is present. Mind is the hindrance. It’s like sadness is the hindrance to laughter. The more you are identified with your mind, the less peace you will be able to have because they oppose each other. You must either be for peace, or be for chaos. There is no possibility to be for both, much like you cannot be at the mountaintop and in the valley at the same time. A choice has to be made. You must either be here or there. You cannot be here and there. People have been told a great lie, which is that their minds are very important for their survival, and that you will not be able to live happily without it. But the opposite is the truth! that the best way to be happy is to live is without it. The purpose of mind identification is to addict people to darkness, stupidity, and struggle. As unpleasant as it may be to hear this, the purpose of mind is essentially to keep people down. So the more you are identified with your mind, the lower you probably are. Mind keeps people living in duality. So there can never be a true sense of oneness, which by the way, is what that taste of godliness is about. Godliness has nothing to do with religion, it has to do with the essence of oneness, of peace. Everything else is just nonsense. Peace happens by putting the mind to rest, when you stop looking for, and needing it to make sense for you. It never does. Mind is a question mark, it is pure deception. So if you are leaning on mind for help, you might want want to reconsider! Mind is not your friend! So the more you disassociate with it, the healthier you will be. And the more you silence the noise inside, the more your true inner beauty will begins to sing! The sun starts shining! You are re-discovered, and it’s a beautiful day! Nobody needs mind. They have been telling you a lie. All the greatest people who have lived were not in their minds, because if you are, you cannot be great. You can only be great when you leave it. Peace and mind aren’t together, they have never been together. They are an oxymoron. That’s why you cannot have peace of mind. You can only have peace from mind. Peace is only possible for those who have left their minds behind. So contentment is a very special gift; it is something that comes as a result of liberating yourself from the mind’s control over you. dwp

1st. Person Only!

I met a woman tonight who is a Life Coach, and it made me wonder what exactly she does, because to my thinking life is something that must be lived, personally, which means that there is no possibility for anybody to coach you through it. An athlete can be coached, or an employee, but life? Life is not an occupation; it is not a job, it is a journey. Mistakes must be made. You have to fall down. This is how we learn. The whole idea of life coaching presupposes that a coach knows better how to live than the person being coached, which is totally ridiculous, and idiotic. Nobody knows better about life than anybody else. We are all here to learn about the journey, but it can only happen if we are on the journey. No other person can live it, and then teach you the way. There is no short cut. It is a 1st. person experience only. The only way to truly taste life is to jump in and have yourself a swim! dwp