No Competition

You know…I really like animals. I have a pet myself, and she’s a member of our family. And I do have a lot of compassion for those who are less fortunate. But those commercials that prey on people’s guilt really annoy me. I mean, because as they beg for a commitment of $19 dollars a month to feed these animals, I can’t stop thinking about all the people I have seen in my life who are starving. I’m not saying that one objective should be higher than the other, but in my opinion human existence should take precedence, because if we cannot and do not live, they cannot and will not live. So we must be taken care of first. We must first solve our own homeless problem. It is backward and insane to seek homes for dogs when there are men and women sleeping outside on the pavement, eating from public garbage. It has nothing to do with how anybody feels about pets, or their love for them. It is not a competition. We must be concerned about the well being of the human species, for each other. We must see that while it is fun to play with animals, it is a profound betrayal of our brothers and sisters if we turn our backs on them to do so; We must be mindful of priorities.

I totally understand rescuing pets, but what about being there for people, to assist in their pain and suffering? dwp

PS: I was just remembering something that the late great comedian Richard Pryor once said during the 1970’s about a campaign they were having to adopt Vietnamese children he said “I mean, I don’t have anything at all against the Vietnamese but goddamn, we have ten million niggas out here that need to be adopted!” That was his unique brand of brilliance, but I see it exactly the same way with respect to pets. We must learn how to take care of human beings first. dwp

One thought on “No Competition

  1. Robert Schenck

    Beloved Satori,


    Another beautiful essay!

    When our heart is open all problems are addressed and solved; when we “do good” we do it to feel good and sometimes others may be helped and benifit, but no real problems are solved until our hearts are totally open.

    Love, Veetkam

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