Good morning friends, and Happy Tuesday! 💜

The problem with people is that they don’t realize how free love is. All you need to have is a heart. Nothing else is required. But nobody believes this, so they run round and around, making their muscles bigger and stronger, buying more and more of this and that; makeup and clothes, cars, hair, nails, gettin’ their sexy on, gettin ready for the saloons. Do you see? There’s no end. If you don’t see or feel love’s essence and presence right there inside you, then there isn’t any point. Because there’s no substitute. You cannot wear a beautiful dress or come out bra-less, and think that it will do the trick. Distractions are as old as time, and they also only work on fools. And I know because I have watched them work my entire life. I agree that they are tempting; and that’s the allure. That’s what they’re supposed to do. But if, when you look closely, you will realize the truth, and that truth will either set you free, or place you in hell. Because a love relationship that isn’t loving, is hell. That’s why to me, it is better to not settle for what seems to be something. Look for what IS good, not for what appears to be good!!! dwp

One thought on “Appearance

  1. Robert Schenck

    Hi Doug,

    Great short essay with a punch line ending that expresses the truth; only truth is true; appearance shows that is isn’t true.

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