Souls for Sale

People have the idea that a prostitute is a person who sells sex but this is not true. By definition, a prostitute is a person who performs a duty or task for an agreed upon sum of money, which to me is what most people do when they go to work. But we naturally don’t like to see ourselves this way. We want to think that we have special educational skills and all that, so we can’t be prostitutes, can we? That’s why they invented the word employee; to distinguish us, the good honorable workers, from them. But the truth is that we are more similar than we are different. We do the same thing as them. The only difference is that employees do their work with their clothing on. But otherwise, the work is effectively the same. Because let’s face it, work is something that you’d rather not be doing.

Now I’m not here advocating for prostitution, not of any kind, including those who work 9-5. Because while I have no experience with prostitutes sexually, I have known a few, so I have had the opportunity to view it from a different angle. And seeing it objectively, not judgmentally, it looks to me just like every other job, like a headache. Even if you like what you’re doing, work is more times than not, a pain in the ass headache.

But I have noticed that people love to say that there is nothing to do about work, that it has to be done; Bills must be paid, and so on. And perhaps this is true. I get that, I just don’t get why all the workers aren’t called prostitutes? since by definition, that’s what an employee is. dwp

Knowledge: Virtue or Curse?

Before I took my friend to the airport, we went to breakfast, where I decided to share with him what I thought was useful advice; especially for a developing bright mind; I am usually careful about giving advise but for him I made an exception.

I noticed during the time he was here at my house how knowledgeable he thought he was. And it was a very beautiful thing to witness at the age of 13, it just wasn’t true. It is difficult to actually know anything, ever. So it is naturally hard at such a tender age. So I decided to share something with him that I read and learned when I was not much older than he. Socrates, one of the worlds most learned men, said: “All I know is that I know nothing.” He was trying to highlight the difficulty with proving knowledge. In other words, how can you ever know with any degree of certainty that you know something? What is it that constitutes knowledge? Because we are in a constant mode of change which obviously includes knowledge. I mean, even the Bible has revised editions. So that has to tell you something!!!

So I said to him “If you know stuff my friend, you will not be able to learn stuff.” In order to learn things, you must be receptive. There has to be space for it, availability in your brain. But if you already know, then there is no possibility. You will have no place to put it. So you will have to reject it. This is the problem with all the so called scholars. They are in a big pickle because they need to know things, but how to do it? They have to reject everything that is new and interesting because they already know what’s true, so there is no space.

So when we got to the drop off area, we both got out of the car. We hugged each other. It was a wonderful visit! I said to him: “tell me what you learned today.” He looked at me and said “I learned today that I know nothing. And that in order to know anything, I must first accept that fact.” And I learned in that moment that a good work had been done…

Intelligence is keeping oneself open to possibilities. It does not need to know anything. Maturity doesn’t need to know anything. I mean, who cares? Unless you are referring to a science that never changes, knowledge is useless. Because as soon as you know about something, it literally becomes impossible for you to learn anything else! dwp

The Flower in You

I was having a discussion today with a very dear friend that I thought was a topic worthy of this page:

She had the idea that it is a task, and not an easy thing to feel good about yourself, least of all to love herself:

Feeling good about who you are is actually a lot easier than most people think. Folks have the idea that they need to do something very special to make it happen. But the truth is the exact opposite. There is really nothing to do because love is not a doing, it is a being. When you befriend yourself, you become a friend to others, and the world at large. You are a friend with nature, the moon, and the stars! And the more you meet them in love, the more you generate love in your own being. And the more you bring those higher feelings to your self, and to your heart, the better you and your heart will feel about you. That’s how it works. It is not magic. It just has to do with what you bring to existence, because that is what it will return to you. So it is not that it’s not easy, it’s that people are simply unaware. In other words, would I be thinking correctly to expect you to smile at me if I am frowning at you? Of course not, I must also smile at you! Then there is a meeting between us. We understand each other!

The more you are loving to others, the more that love flowers in you. And then it just becomes a part of your every day fragrance. You become the very beauty that you shower onto others, so it is not only a gift for them, it is also a gift to you. Love is not an isolation. It is a movement, something that returns to you. That’s why it feels so so good to love somebody. It is not only that you are enjoying how it feels to love, or be loved; it is the thrill of being in love with the world of love!

Sometimes people miss that part. They think that love is only a person to person thing. But this is incorrect. True love is a global, universal thing. It is something that reaches to every single person, and every great or little thing. That’s why I cannot only love my wife, my parents, family and friends, but not also love you. I must love you too. If I want to love anybody then I must love everybody. I am not able to choose who to love. I can only choose if I want to love. Do you see? People are very distorted about this. They have the idea that love is a singular thing. But nothing could be further from the truth. Love is a Godliness. It has no height or depth. There are no limits to it! Because love is not a lightbulb, where you can simply turn it on and off as you deem fit, depending on whom you are with, no. It doesn’t work that way. Love is either on all of the time, or it is off all of the time. dwp