Souls for Sale

People have the idea that a prostitute is a person who sells sex but this is not true. By definition, a prostitute is a person who performs a duty or task for an agreed upon sum of money, which to me is what most people do when they go to work. But we naturally don’t like to see ourselves this way. We want to think that we have special educational skills and all that, so we can’t be prostitutes, can we? That’s why they invented the word employee; to distinguish us, the good honorable workers, from them. But the truth is that we are more similar than we are different. We do the same thing as them. The only difference is that employees do their work with their clothing on. But otherwise, the work is effectively the same. Because let’s face it, work is something that you’d rather not be doing.

Now I’m not here advocating for prostitution, not of any kind, including those who work 9-5. Because while I have no experience with prostitutes sexually, I have known a few, so I have had the opportunity to view it from a different angle. And seeing it objectively, not judgmentally, it looks to me just like every other job, like a headache. Even if you like what you’re doing, work is more times than not, a pain in the ass headache.

But I have noticed that people love to say that there is nothing to do about work, that it has to be done; Bills must be paid, and so on. And perhaps this is true. I get that, I just don’t get why all the workers aren’t called prostitutes? since by definition, that’s what an employee is. dwp

One thought on “Souls for Sale

  1. Robert Schenck

    Beloved Doug,

    Good luck with this one!

    Telling people that they are prostitutes is showing them themselves in a mirror that they have never before looked at themselves in, and pulling the, high opinion about themselves rug, that they have been standing on, out from under their feet.

    It is telling a rose that it is really a stink weed.

    Or telling a peacock that it is a worm.

    Or that the sun is ball of shit.

    It may be so but no one wants to know it.

    As the response rolls in try saying: “Some people don’t know a joke when they read it.”

    It’s like being in the mood to be stung and climbing the tree and shaking the Hornet’s nest.

    Have fun.



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