Call Me Naive

Call me naive, but today I was watching the news; a woman who I had never given two thoughts about, other than to think she was a nice looking person, especially her hair. But today, when she turned in a certain direction, I was able to see that her hair wasn’t hers! She was wearing blond weaves. Now, it’s not to say that anything is wrong with weaves; I know that lots of women wear them these days, and probably men too, but it was just surprising to me, because I had always thought she (and her hair) were so pretty. But you know what? In this day and age, it has come to a point where a person really can’t know for sure what’s real anymore. A whole face can be made of plastic, and lots of other things too. They can even make a 100 pounds of fat disappear overnight. The unfortunate truth is that we are clueless about who people are privately. It has become so commonplace to hide, lie, and fake who you are, that people are forgetting who they were. I don’t know. You can call me naive, but I liked it better when I could just trust my eyes. dwp

One thought on “Call Me Naive

  1. Robert Schenck

    Beloved Douglas/satori,

    This latest piece is beautiful and reads like a poem; I wouldn’t call you naive, I’d call you wise; which I’ve been saying to you almost forever.

    You write like an angel.

    Keep healing and keep all the rest of us healing by keeping on writing.

    Love, Bob/Veetkam

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