Happy with Totality

Whenever I hear folks talking about their marriage or relationship as a thing of good times and bad, or a challenge….I think to myself, why would anybody subject themselves to such a situation? I mean, what’s the point? Just to be able to say that you’ve been together forever? To me, if people aren’t absolutely happy in their relationship there is no reason to be together. And I totally get why people do it, there’s just no way I would. I don’t want to be unhappy. I don’t want to be with anybody who feels like a challenge to me, no matter who it is. Forget about living with them, and acting like we’re in love. I don’t know why anybody would do that to themselves, unless they enjoy pain. I don’t admire it at all. Some people say that it’s for the family, but how fake is that? if you are miserable? If two people are not blissfully matched and happy together, is it not truer to oneself to simply part ways and continue to be loving towards the other from a distance, rather than to not part, and hide your emotional disdain to your partner? What is, after all, the whole point of being in a love relationship?

For me, it is to be happy. Yes, all the time. I don’t want to be unhappy, ever. That’s right. I can do that all by myself. In fact, I know from past experience that I can even be good at it. But I do not prefer it. So if my beloved needs to make me unhappy for any reason whatsoever, then we are obviously not a good recipe for happiness. And it isn’t a problem. And that’s what it would mean to me. That’s why I always get confused when people talk about the challenges they have with their beloveds, and how they have to accept the good with the bad; says who? Who said that? Why do people sell them selves so short? I don’t accept the bad. If people want to be bad, they will have to do it elsewhere. I’m not interested, least of all from the woman who claims to love me. Do you see? Because I know how love looks. I’ve been loved by enough people so it is not a foreign thing. I cannot be fooled. So why would I accept less? If a person is not able to comfortably love me all the time, without creating challenges for my life, then why would I devote my life to them? Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t a beloved supposed to make one’s life lovelier? dwp

Eternal Love

I realized something this morning that I thought I had known for years. Love is not just a beautiful thing, it is not just a wonderful and irreplaceable experience that warms the heart, it is something that is necessary for the heart. Love is so special, but I think a lot of people truly misunderstand it. I do not mean romance, even though I am a diehard romantic. Love is not sex. Sex is just an act of love. In fact, I am not even speaking about the beloved in your life. I am referring to all of humankind, because love is actually not singular. Love is a totality. So you cannot only love him or her. If you want to love, then you must love everybody. That’s just the way it is. But this doesn’t work well for the school of love because the romantics want exclusivity. They want to be the only one. But the truth is that love is not exclusive, it is inclusive. It includes trees, and flowers, and pets, your friends, and your health. Love includes the oceans, and the moon, and all of the stars! Love even includes strangers, because the truth is that there aren’t any. There are only people who you haven’t met yet. Do you see what I mean?

I am not against the love relationship. I am in fact very much for it. But I am also committed to the devotion to love in every sense of the experience. In other words, do not place limits on your love. Be total. When love reaches out for you, be sure to take its hand, because if you don’t, the next time it won’t.

Wishing you all the most infinite & blessed Love! dwp ❤️