Beauty in the Alps

I once met, and got very close to a guy who was oblivious about being mentally handicapped; so much so that he had no idea how incredibly beautiful he was. He didn’t have a diagnosable illness or disease that I knew of, he just wasn’t aware. He didn’t have a cognition of what was going on around him, so he lived in his private little world, where he had comfort. I remember him well. He made quite an impression on me. It was so beautiful and special to witness how content he was in his skin, which wasn’t thick. I realized that he didn’t know any better, but to me it didn’t matter. He wasn’t a cripple, he just wasn’t cognizant. And what made him extraordinary, is that he was so genuine; without knowing it, he was the epitome of sincerity, and pure innocence.

He and I became friends. I developed a special appreciation for him. I learned through him how beautiful it is to be yourself; no matter who you happen to be. I would look at him and see how thoroughly confident, and pleased with himself he would be. He didn’t need to be anything, or anybody; nor did he have to do anything. Everything was perfect as it was. He was full. Life was beautiful. He was happy. There was no possibility for him to be false because he didn’t know what being false was. He may have lived in a world of total oblivion, but you know what? He is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. I love him, and I miss him. He’s my friend. I love him for showing me how to be real in a world that feels so fake.  dwp 2015