The World As You Have Known It, Has Never Existed

The World As You Have Known It Has Never Existed, has great meaning for my life. These words of wisdom were written down on a piece of brown paper bag and given to me by one of my life’s highest, most enlightened teachers, at the age of sixteen. I looked at the piece of paper, wondering about what was written on it. I knew it had a deeper meaning than I was able to comprehend at the time. I kept that small piece of paper in my possession for many many years thereafter, and whenever I found myself confused about something, or whenever a situation seemed odd or unusual to me, I’d look at it again and try to figure out what did exist, because if the world that I have known to be real…wasn’t, which world was? That has been a question I’ve been asking myself for decades. Without my knowing it, that proved to be the initiation of my life’s journey to discover what was true, and also what wasn’t. This sentence made me realize, through trust, that there was more for me to see; that the world as I understood it wasn’t real, wasn’t true, and wasn’t worthy of my trust. But my teacher I trusted. His love was authentic, and I knew it. He trusted me. He wouldn’t talk to me about what to think. He would rather guide me towards thinking, and await the results. He accepted and encouraged my thoughts no matter what they were. This wasn’t what mattered. What mattered was that I was using my own brain to develop my own thoughts; that I was on a path to understand, to have a vision that made sense to me. It is in this way that the world became a place that exists, that is known, and that is truly meaningful to me.

“The World As You Have Known It, Has Never Existed” means that we are all too often a product of what or where we have originated, unless that place encourages us to be uniquely beautifully individual, which allows for the kind of development that makes the world real and true, even if only to you. The world that is known to one person does not have to be known by every person. Individual knowledge only needs to be seen by you. dwp

I am seizing this moment to dedicate this piece to my teacher; a lover, a master, a friend, and my uncle…an extraordinary man, who without your presence and guidance, my life would not have come to such a passionate fruition; it would not have reached for such realization. Your life has saved my life. The light in me was awakened through you. The day you handed me that small piece of paper, a young witness in me woke up. Thank you so much for being who you are to me…but especially for embracing me, and loving me in so divinely a way. Thank you for never giving up on me.

I Love You, Doug