Life, Love, and God

Life is a sparkling spirited free flowing celebration of this very moment. I have no idea what will happen later, tomorrow, next year, or in the next life. But whenever it happens, I will handle it. While I am not expecting to have another life, I do feel that life should be rewarded to those who have at least lived now, when they had the chance. The best reason to live now is because life is happening now, which is not to suggest that it won’t also happen later, but I cannot deny what is happening right here in front of me. I am forever dedicated to this gift we call life, and if I should be given this gift again, I will be elated at having the chance to give it another go, and take Her for another dance, but I will not wait. I am utterly devoted to living now. This is it. The party is now. Life is happening today, and it needs to be lived today. The sole purpose of life is to live. The sole purpose of living is to be loving. And the sole purpose for being loving is to come closer to god. dwp